Fly Over Water

Try the world's newest water sport

There’s no other sensation like eFoiling – it’s a combination of surfing and flying.

And eFoiling is eco-friendly – zero emissions and zero noise – it’s just you and Mother Nature.

Best yet, it’s easy – anyone can learn to eFoil in just one 2 hour lesson.

We are the Lift Affiliate on Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada. Join us at the lake and we’ll teach you this thrilling new sport. It will be a highlight of your summer – guaranteed!

And it may become your newest toy at the cottage for your whole family to enjoy!


Want to learn how to eFoil?

We offer a 2 hour lesson that will get you up and flying over the water!


Want to demo a Lift eFoil?

Join us at the lake for an hour of fun as you demo a Lift eFoil!

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